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  I am Leah Buckbee, Owner of Honest to Goodness Massage Therapy & Wellness LLC. I am dedicated to providing Medical   Massage Therapy as well as general Massage Therapy, to give people the highest quality of life possible. I serve all, regardless of their lifestyle, age, or medical condition.


   As a scholar, I always seek new and innovative massage techniques in order to release my clients from physical and mental pain and stress.

  I have nearly three decades of experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant, (CNA), Certified Medication Aide (CMA), and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, (LMT) as well.  I truly appreciate working with and helping others as well as educating others in ways to care for oneself with out harm.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 



This is a full-body massage that utilizes a light to medium touch.  It promotes relaxation, blood circulation, and overall stress reduction. 


This is a deeper form of massage using forearms, elbows, and knuckles. It can be combined with another massage depending on the individual’s needs.


Mud wraps are a great way to detoxify the body, hydrate the skin, and fight wrinkles! 

I start with a body exfoliation using either a sugar scrub or a salt scrub.  Then switch over to applying the mud of choice, (Black Baltic, European Rose, or Seaweed Mud),. once applied, I wrap you in several layers to create a warm cocoon.  After 20 minutes, I wipe off the mud and finish with a body butter swedish massage to freshen the skin, and get the circulation rolling.  total time is usually 2 hours.


This massage combines the two techniques of Swedish and Deep Tissue. Combination massage is used to target problem areas while melting away the stress and pain everywhere else. 


Hot Stone Therapy is a very relaxing massage using smooth volcanic stones heated up and  moved over the body with varying depths to alleviate aches and pains.  The stones are not just placed down the back like in pictures.  I actually move them all over you to relax away stress, tension and pain.  It's a very calming type of massage.

NMT (Neuromuscular Technical Release)

NMT is a specialized form of deep tissue, using the fingertips.  Pressure can be applied very slowly and very targeted in order to release ligaments and tendons.  It can be very intense in tender areas.


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