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Deltoid Muscle

What are the pain and symptoms associated with the deltoid muscle?

  • Pain over the tip of the shoulder going down the upper arm

  • Shoulder weakness

  • Pain in the shoulder area when lifting

  • Pain in the shoulder area when holding objects up and in front of the body

  • Pain decreases when arm and shoulder are at rest

Where is the deltoid muscle?

The deltoid muscle is the muscle that covers the tip shoulder. The deltoid muscle is made up of three parts, anterior, middle and posterior. The deltoid connects the shoulder, shoulder blade (scapula) and the collarbone (clavicle) to the upper arm (humerus).

What movements do the deltoid muscle control?

  • Raises the arm to the front of the body

  • Raises the arm out to the side of the body

  • Twists arm in toward the body

  • Moves arm across the front of the body

  • Brings arm down to the body from overhead position

  • Pulls arm behind the body

  • Twists arm away from the body

Activities that cause deltoid pain and symptoms:




Throwing a ball; baseball, softball, football

Holding heavy tools up

Picking up and carrying children

Typing when the keyboard is set up too high

Injection given in the arm

You use the deltoid muscle to raise your arm, move your arm away from your body and twist your arm.

Interesting facts about the deltoid muscle:

Pain around the shoulder area caused by the deltoid muscles will subside when resting. If the pain in the deltoid area is continuous even at rest, chances are the source of the pain is being caused by other muscles in the neck, shoulder, upper back, and/or chest.

If you have been diagnosed with bursitis of the shoulder and treatment is not reducing pain it could be trigger points in the deltoid muscle.

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