• Leah Buckbee, CMA, LMT

Shoulders and Muscles! Infraspinatus Muscle!

What is the infraspinatus? How does it compare to the supraspinatus?

The infraspinatus muscle, as shown above, is also one the rotator cuff muscles. It spreads across the hollow dish of the scapula ( shoulder blade) attaching by ligaments along the bony structure of the scapula with a tendon stretching out to the ball of the humerous. As one of the four muscles of the rotator cuff, the main function of the infraspinatus is to externally rotate the humerus and stabilize the shoulder joint. Who knew that we have so much going on in just the shoulder joint area alone?

Check out this video for strengthening this area of the shoulder! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfpxwK3ZPRY


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