• Leah Buckbee, CMA, LMT

Supplement Sunday! Echinacea: Flower, herb or more?

Echinacea, otherwise known as the Cone Flower, has been around North America for centuries. The Natives, used the flower for many different ailments. The Cheyenne Tribe, used it for gum diseases and mouth sores. They called the flower, "Mohk ta".

The Choctaws used it for coughs and dyspepsia. At this time there has been no known special name written down, that the Choctaws used to call the Cone Flower. The Omaha Ponca tribe called it "mika hi". They used it as an eye wash, while the Dakota Sioux used it for bowel issues and tonsillitis. No recorded name though. Many other tribes used the Cone Flower for many purposes, most of which were to heal sores and minor diseases.

Echinacea, (Cone Flower), can be used in teas, compresses, ground down and put into capsules, made into tinctures and so on. However, buyer beware! Do your research on the products you're interested in trying, before you buy. Not all Echinacea products on the market are actual cone flower material. Some do not even have the plant in them at all! Just because the label says "Standardized" doesn't mean it's legitimate!

Science is, of course, way behind on the research of all herbal possibilities. Because, man made drugs are faster and more effective at destroying bad bugs as well as all of the good cells we need too. Generations of herbalists have handed down the many benefits of Echinacea from actually using it and seeing what the end results were time after time. Of course, that goes for all the thousands of plants that can be used in many different situations. It's not that any one plant can be or will be a Super Plant, that can defeat all evil bugs, but, with proper knowledge, plants really may be the one thing that saves us! After all, Echinacea is a great immune builder on its own level! And heading into our Cold and Flu season, ask yourself this: Take a healthy dose of an herbal immune builder daily, (no side effects) or get a shot in the arm and hope for the best? You decide! Till Next Week! Take care of yourself and those around you!


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