Honest to Goodness Massage 
Therapy & Wellness, LLC

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Calm Your Body, Mind, and Soul 

At Honest to Goodness Massage Therapy & Wellness, I genuinely care about your overall well-being. That’s why I always make sure to apply the right massage and pressure point techniques so you’ll completely feel rejuvenated after each session.

Below is the list of my services and rates. I’m serving clients in Lincoln, Nebraska and its surrounding areas.

Types of Massages I Offer

Swedish Massage                                               

This is a full-body massage that utilizes different strokes. It promotes relaxation, blood circulation, and overall stress reduction. The pressure can be adjusted for targeting areas. It may also be added with another type of massage for individual sessions.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a deeper form of massage that is designed to target stiff muscles specifically. Although this kind of therapy is shorter, it can still be combined with another massage depending on the individual’s needs.

Soothing Stones Massage

This is a very deep form of relaxation massage that utilizes warm stones. It’s combined with Swedish and deep tissue techniques for overall relaxation. Additionally, this can be used for targeting specific issues such as arthritic conditions and sore muscles.

Specialty Services 

To serve you better, I also offer specialty services such as mud wraps and facials. These treatments guarantee to exfoliate, hydrate, and refine your skin, along with being able to help with detoxifying the systems as a whole.

Going the Extra Mile

I do work with your doctors to come up with the best massage plan for you! My purpose is to help you go from treatment mode to maintenance mode, regardless of your medical conditions.  This includes designing specific massages for your specific needs without increasing costs.

Service Rates                                          Gift Certificates Available!!

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Type Of Massage
Consultation                                    30min. no massage  No Fee

Swedish Massage
30 Minutes (Targeted)                                                                       
60 Minutes
60 Minute Aromatherapy Massage
90 Minute Swedish Massage
120 Minutes Swedish 

Deep Tissue Massage
30 Minutes (Targeted)
60 Minutes
60 Minutes Deep Tissue Massage/Swedish Combo
90 Minutes Combination
120 Minutes Combination

Soothing Stone Therapy
60 Minutes                                                                                      
90 Minutes
120 Minutes

Mud Wraps
90 Minutes
Your Choice Of:
Sugar Scrub or Salt Scrub for Exfoliation
European Rose
Firming Seaweed
Aromatherapy Wraps
50 Minutes
Your Choice of Essential Oils for Wrap (Foot or Head Massage Included)

Basic Reflexology (Feet)
45 Minutes

Chair Massage
On Site (must be prebooked, email me for dates and times!) 
15 Minutes is average

Clinic Chair Massage:  used for targeting areas prior to or right after a Chiropractic visit!  Does not require undressing!
By the Minute …

Electronic Massage:  This machine is a lifesaver!  Can be used to de stress or help loosen an area prior to manual massage.  Handled by LMT only!

$1.00 per Minute
10 or 15 minute sessions

$1.25 per min.
10 minute session:  $12.50
15 minute session:  $18.75
Facial Massages
15 Minutes
30 Minutes

Specialty Massage
90 Minutes Exfoliation-Massage
Your Choice Of:
Margarita Foot Baths (Not a Pedicure! But a great way to induce circulation both in feet and calves! 60 minutes of foot and calf massage heaven!)




Important Reminders

  1. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required. Late cancellations or missed appointments will be subject to charges of the full amount of the scheduled appointment.
  2. All massage therapies are available seven days a week by appointment. (please check availability for weekends!)
  3. It’s encouraged to show up 10 minutes prior to your appointment to complete any necessary paperwork.